Website – The quickest way to take your business online

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Website – The quickest way to take your business online

It's clear that data makes the world go 'round, and more developments are to come. As data collection, flow and management are further enhanced, innovations such as smart cities and connected cars will be fully realized .

So, what is a website?

As digital continues to disrupt sector after sector, today's business leaders need to transform their organisations to be adaptable.

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Essential Features of a Good Website

The cost of Robinhood like stock trading application is dependent on a plethora of features and the choice of stock trading app tech stack.

Must-Have Features for Local Business Websites

  • A Logical Roadmap
  • Crucial Business Information
  • Social Media Integration
  • A Mobile-Ready Version
  • Heading and tagline or USP
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • Optimise website speed and performance
  • Contact Information and Clear Navigation
  • Ability to easily update title tag and meta description
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Increased Local Exposure

While typical cost range stated by app development companies is $100,000 – $500,000. But no need to panic.

“ I suspect you either have or are thinking of embarking on building a SaaS product”


With the help of Google AdWords and trusted SEM experts, these five scientific steps can get you started on the right path.